『International Auto Film Festa 2024』Media Partner

Continuing from the first time, we will collaborate with “CAR GRAPHIC,” “AutoBildJapan,” and “,” which have supported the event’s purpose in holding the film festival and disseminating information.


Representatives from these media also participated in the selection process. As a result, in addition to the “International Auto Film Festa Award,” the “CAR GRAPHIC Award,” “Auto Bild Japan Award,” and “ Award” have been presented to each winner.


link : Award-winning films in 2023



“International Auto Film Festa” is always accepting corporate and individual sponsors.

The International Auto Film Festa Executive Committee, which was started from the perspective of car culture, art, and expression in Japan, where automobiles are the primary industry, is a non-profit voluntary organization. We aim to discover and develop creative talent and contribute to the automobile industry.


We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.


International Auto Film Festa office