Movies and I have had a deep relationship since I was born (before?). | A message of support from Yumi Yoshida

In preparation for the International Auto Film Festa 2024, we would like to introduce valuable messages from experts. This time, we have car life essayist Yumi Yoshida.


My father worked at a film company.


My father worked at a local theater then, and my family had to move and change schools due to my father’s job transfers. For elementary and junior high school students, it was a place where you shouldn’t go to the movie theater with just your friends. However, for me, it was a safe place where I could be with my father and a place where I could meet my father, who came home late from work and whose daily lives passed each other.


Of course, the movie is free. In addition to that theater, I also got invitation tickets to other theaters, so the movie was free.

Of course, my father is now retired. I still watch movies at the theater as much as possible and don’t mind watching movies alone.


The movie that left the most impression on me was “Space Battleship Yamato.” I was seriously in love with the main character, Susumu Kodai (lol). Unfortunately, it’s not a car movie…(lol)


This film festival is about films (movies) and cars, which I love. I’m just looking forward to it. Many things have left an impression on me, such as cars appearing in TV commercials and essential movie scenes. If I had to pick one out of these, it would be Yanase’s “I don’t make cars, I make a life with cars.”



This commercial was impressive, including the catchphrase. This also applies to my work as a “car life essayist.”

I look forward to more movies and commercials that will touch my heart! I’m looking forward to it!



Ms. Yumi Yoshida


Car Life Essayist Automotive Critic (Director of Japan Automotive Journalists Association). Born in Iwate Prefecture, she began modeling during her junior college days, then became a safety driving instructor for a domestic manufacturer before becoming a “car life essayist.” She is active in many areas, focusing on automobile magazines, television, radio, the web, and women’s magazines, based on her unique perspective on everything related to cars. Every Monday, “Yumi Yoshida’s Car Time with You and Me” (Chofu FM). Additionally, YouTube’s “Yumi Yoshida Channel” is updated almost daily.


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