2024 Award Party @ AXIS Gallery report

2024 Award Party

On April 27, 2024, the International Auto Film Festa 2024 award ceremony was held. The venue is AXIS GALLERY (Roppongi).

In addition to the artists whose films were nominated, representatives from the Portuguese and Italian embassies and a wide range of car fans from Japan and abroad were in attendance.



The award ceremony was held jointly with “LeGarage.”



“LeGarage”is a select shop for enjoying a lifestyle with cars. This time, we brought the atmosphere of a shop into the venue, adding playfulness and glamor to the space.



Introducing the directors and representatives of the 2024 nominated works


The MC is Yoshiyuki Shimizu, an International Auto Film Festa representative.


The event started with a greeting from car life essayist Yumi Yoshida, who supports this film festival.(Click here for Yumi Yoshida’s report🔗

Next, after introducing all 21 films nominated for 2024, we received self-introductions and greetings from the directors and representatives of the nominated films.




Submitter / Digital Design Studio Ltd.

 [ Japan ]

“We have been assisting automobile and motorcycle manufacturers’ design processes behind the scenes. Still, we are very grateful to have been nominated this time.”




SUBARU BRZ STI Sport Promotional Movie

Submitter / Shinya Inagawa

 [ Japan ]

“Although the film is client work, the entire production team worked together to express the pleasant driving experience of the SUBARU BRZ STI Sport.”





Director / TUNA

 [ Japan ]

“I never expected to be nominated. I usually direct music videos, but I also love cars, so I’m honored that so many people have seen my work.”





Director / MADa

 [ Japan ]

“We are usually based in Tokyo and Fukuoka. This work was about our love for cars, so I hope it conveys that feeling.”





Director / EAT PRAY CARP

 [ Japan ]

“I was surprised to be selected as I submitted a video I created as a hobby, but I hope you enjoy watching it.”



Click here for a list of nominated works.

>> 2024 Nominated works list




Media Partner Award Announcement



Representatives of the International Auto Film Festa media partners also participated in the judging and selected the various media awards this year too.

Presenters at the venue included Tetsuya Kato from CAR GRAPHIC, Shinichiro Ehara from Auto Bild Japan, and Satoshi Ubukata from, who is also on the executive committee of the film festival.




“Cardboard Diamonds”

Director / Iván Molina Jiménez

 [ Spain ]



Comment from the award-winning director

We received a video message from Iván Molina, director of “Cardboard Diamonds.”



Comment from Tetsuya Kato

The balance between the special effects using the model car and the actual car was perfect and exciting.
The car chase scene is difficult to film, but they used this expression on a low budget, making it more interesting.

For example, Claude Lelouch’s masterpiece “A Man and a Woman” contains monochrome and color scenes. The viewer reads deeply, wondering, “What is the meaning of these different uses?” However, according to Lelouch, he didn’t have the money. But that’s interesting.

This work has a similar effect. By judiciously using model cars and actual cars, they created a very interesting work.

Above all, it was a very suspenseful work, with a good pacing that kept me interested until the end, wondering what would happen next.


[ Click here for the film ]

“Cardboard Diamonds”




Auto Bild Japan Award

“The Moving Canvas – EXIDE”

Director / Arjun Mukherjee

 [ India ]



Comment from the award-winning director

We received a video message from Mr. Arjun Mukherjee, director of “The Moving Canvas – EXIDE.”



Comment from Shinichiro Ehara

Having worked in the advertising industry for a long time, I often consider promotional movies from the perspective of the joy of producing them and the hardships involved. I have a strong interest in film.

This time’s work is Exide, so it’s a battery. Batteries are hidden behind the scenes, but they are essential. It is easy to understand where this will be used, expressed in animation rather than live action. I was also very attracted to this vivid color scheme.

Ultimately, this work was the one that most interested me and left an impression on me.


[ Click here for the film ]

“The Moving Canvas – EXIDE”

“Route to the South”

Director / Alberto Mazarro

 [ Spain ]



Comment from the award-winning director

We received a video message from Alberto Mazarro, director of “Route to the South.”



Comment from Satoshi Ubukata

There were many nominees this time, but since we are a media focusing on the VW Audi Porsche, we selected works related to that for the award.

Volkswagen’s Beetle and Volkswagen Bus appear in many movies, and watching them makes me very happy. I chose this video with the hope that more videos will be filled with smiles like this in the future.

I also chose this work because seeing more of the classic Beetle-like smiles on modern Volkswagens would be nice.


[ Click here for the film ]

“Route to the South”




A new category award will be established.

This time, new category awards have been established: “Excellence for Promotional Video” and “Excellence for Drama Film”. This will allow us to evaluate many works.



Masato Uchida and Masahiro Terada joined the stage.
From then on, the event was carried out by four film festival executive committee members, including Satoshi Ubukata and Yoshiyuki Shimizu.



Excellence for Promotional Video

“The Perfect Lap”

Director / Josh Butcher

United Kingdom [ United Kingdom ]



[ Click here for the film ]

“The Perfect Lap”




Excellence for Drama Film

“A Little Story”

Director / Giulia Savi

Italy [ Italy ]



Comment from the award-winning director

We received a video message from Ms. Giulia Savi, director of “A Little Story.”



At the venue, Mr. Giuseppe Di Murro, First Secretary/ Head of the Consular Section/Head of the Cultural Section of the Italian Embassy, received the award plate on behalf of the artist.


[ Click here for the film ]

“A Little Story”




Announcement of GRAND PRIX works

Finally, representative Shimizu announced the 2024 GRAND PRIX works.




“Gears & Dunes”

Director / Mário Bock

Portugal [ Portugal ]



Comment from the award-winning director

We received a video message from Mário Bock, director of “Gears & Dunes.”



At the venue, Mr. Miguel Malheiro Garcia, Counselor of the Portuguese Embassy, received the award plate on behalf of the artist.


Comment from Mr. Miguel Malheiro Garcia

Well, first of all, thank you so much for the invitation to present. I think from what I’ve seen so far looks quite interesting and promising. And so we hope to you continue in the coming years and that only grows and, becomes Even more of a success.


[ Click here for the film ]

“Gears & Dunes”




A social gathering full of smiles

After the award ceremony, the attendees and guests had time to freely exchange words.



[ Click here for photo album🔗 ]


This time, we were able to realize one of the original goals of the film festival: “a place where creators can interact with each other.”
We were also again reminded of the importance and joy of talking face-to-face.

Once we experience it, we become greedy and want to meet more people and spend more time talking with them. I realized that the core of a film festival is the experience participants gain from this time.

We hope to receive your continued support and cooperation as we look forward to next year, as we continue to create an attractive film festival.

This film festival is made possible by the people who submitted their films, those who came to the venue, and those who watched the films on YouTube.

On behalf of the film festival executive committee, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone.

International Auto Film Festa Representative Yoshiyuki Shimizu




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