Mein Volkswagen T1 Samba Bus Baujahr 1966 | A car became a family member. | 1st Festa, The films nominated.

What is a car? We may become attached to various tools in our daily lives, but when we come into contact with them, they become like friends or family.


The films nominated for the 1st International Auto Film Festa are introduced in order of application. This time, “Mein Volkswagen T1 Samba Bus Baujahr 1966”—entry from Germany. Produced by PS PERLEN – Oldtimer forever Young.



Introduction of a car by VW Bus owner. The video progresses with a driving scene and an interview at a place that is an event venue. It also tows a camping trailer with the same coloring as VW Bus, and the atmosphere of this trailer is excellent. There were many submissions for works that introduced their cars. But this work shows the owner’s life and the relationship with the car well in the owner’s life.


Interview videos are a genre of work that can be divided into likes and dislikes. Still, this work has the charm of being evaluated by multiple judges with different tastes and interests. And did you notice that this work does not have subtitles…?
It is work that does not comply with the film festival regulations (Japanese or English subtitles are required). Even so, it was nominated as an award candidate and an exceptional work that won the “ Award”.



Although it deviates a little from the impression of this video…, regulations are rules that should be observed.
However, it was the first time this time, so all the judges carefully looked through all the submitted works and made them subject to judging. As a result, I was able to introduce this work this time. We want to think positively about meeting and introducing the work this way.


Let’s get back on topic.


In the award announcement video, Mr. Ubukata, editor-in-chief of ““, said, “It’s a warm work where you can feel the owner’s lifestyle.” He said, “It is better not to decorate it because I like it but to live with it because I like it.” I think these comments express the contents of this work straight.


Mr. Ehara, the representative of the media “Auto Bild Japan,” which also conveys the local motor culture of Germany, praised this work and said, “VW is a tool, and it is also a presence that is rooted in everyday life. In that respect, the car is a member of the family. I think you can say that,” he said. Interestingly, this aspect also seems to be “Germany, where automobile culture has taken root.”



As an aside, Germany has many prestigious brands, not just VW. Aren’t there many people who have an impression of a car superpower that is different from Japan?” provides a variety of information about the three major German brands, Audi, VW, and Porsche, seen from Japan. and “Auto Bild Japan” provides local car life in Germany. If you like cars, please take a look.



As was the case with this year’s film, through the film festival judging, I saw a tendency for people to be more interested in “films with a strong storyline. Advertisements have emphasized “storylines” for decades, and I reaffirmed this importance.


Shooting an excellent video of cool cars. That itself is too simple and difficult, but the story as an element above that may be an element that pokes the feelings of the car in the depths of the viewer’s heart.
Communicating the goodness of cars and conveying the world that cars make possible. Such a video will remain in the impression of many people.


Finally, there are relatively many stories based on old cars, but Mr. Ubukata commented, “Even though it is a new car, it blends into the family. I would like to see such a work.” very profoundly agreed. (Written by SHIMIZU)


This work was submitted via the official website.
The second Festa call for applications will start on January 1, 2024. You can apply via the official website, FilmFreeway, and festhome.