Autosaurus Rex | Dialogue with challenges | 1st Festa, The films nominated.

The films nominated for the 1st International Auto Film Festa are introduced in order of application. This time, “Autosaurus Rex”—entry from Switzerland. Directed by Marcel Barelli.



A rare animated film at this festival. A work that compares a car to a dinosaur and progresses with a child’s narration. Voiced by Arthur Barelli. The impact on the ecosystem is well expressed by treating automobiles as “creatures” that inhabit the earth. You can watch it with English and Japanese subtitles on YouTube at the end of this article.


Is it a metaphor for an outdated existence because the title is reminiscent of extinct “dinosaurs” among living things? I thought so, but I needed to be corrected. The bicycle, which appears as the nemesis of automobiles, also has a name reminiscent of dinosaurs.

Perhaps they chose a name like “dinosaur” to show the fictional nature of the story. You can also receive naughty dinosaurs as charming characters if you notice this—the same kind of world as a picture book.



This work tells the facts about cars in a matter-of-fact manner. For example, parking time is longer than operating time, the environmental impact is enormous, and there is a risk of accidents for humans. These points are expressed relatively neutrally.

In making this work, the author has his feelings and thoughts about cars. The expression conveys the emotion, but it is the author’s emotion and does not ask you to sympathize.



In modern times, we almost always benefit from automobiles as means of transportation and the distribution of goods. That’s why we think about sustaining it instead of denying it. This may be the theme of this work.

They are not specifically against cars. That is the heart of this work. It is the viewer’s responsibility to decide whether to view automobiles negatively or positively; the work speaks at least a little.



“A car is convenient.” “Cars are fun.” Everyone recognizes that we are no longer in an era where all problems can be solved just by doing so. The important thing in making the fun of automobiles sustainable may be to notice now and start doing what can be done now.
I thought so when I saw this work. It is connecting the fun of cars to the future. That may be essential for people who know the fun of cars in this era.


One of the impressions of this movie is the kindness of the illustrations. Even though they are depicted as wild creatures, they have a very comical side, so I don’t feel scared. I think that aspect is similar to a car. (Written by SHIMIZU)


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The second Festa call for applications will start on January 1, 2024. You can apply via the official website, FilmFreeway, and festhome.