2nd (2024) Entry acceptance begins | Masahiro Terada

The second our film festival entry has started!


For the first contest (2023), there were many entries from overseas, and we enjoyed watching a wide variety of works one by one, including some that were beautiful, some that were cool, and some that struck a chord with us.

I’ve looked closely at everyone’s film works, watching them repeatedly to understand them, as they have a lot of narrative.

All of the works had a strong attachment to cars. It was shot (CG created) and edited from various angles.


(CG work entered from Germany. Nominated work in 2023)


From this time onwards, we have limited the time for films to 15 minutes at maximum.


I am looking forward to seeing what kind of works will be entered, from short and impactful works such as commercial films, TikTok and Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts to works with stories such as short films.


(A story consisting of 96 seconds. 2023 International Auto Film Festa Award Winner)


I want you to surprise me with your technique, and I want you to wow me with your emotion. The temperature of the work. I want to encounter a work that transcends the creator’s intentions and has a warmth that conveys a sense of dynamism and love.


You can show off the current look with a current model or immerse yourself in nostalgia with a car from yesteryear. You can also focus on the scenery and people. It would also be great if you could bring up current social issues, such as global warming and cars, or try your best to satirize society and express the world that can be seen beyond cars.


(Animation work based on social satire. Nominated work in 2023)


If you love cars, you can express yourself in any way, such as creating a song using the exhaust and squeal sounds or painting a picture using the body as a canvas.

I have endless ideas, but it takes concentration to shoot them (create with CG) and turn them into works.


I look forward to seeing your warm-hearted works. (written by Terada)

The second round of recruitment will begin on January 1, 2024. Applications can be made via the official website, FilmFreeway, and festhome .