Tsomo [ 2024 / NOMINEE ]

Entry Name:Wangyang Liu

Appealing Point:

International Auto Film Festa / 国際自動車映画祭
[ 2024 / Nominated works ]


■Title / Tsomo
■Director / Wangyang Liu


■Overview /
Tsomo lives in grassland and moving to the county.
One day, when she sends the last round of sheep of the year to the slaughterhouse, the sheep she raised up jumps out of the car and escaped from its fate of being slaughtered.
The next morning, when Tsomu meets the sheep in a crossroad, they shared a moment of coldness before sunrise.


■Film Data
Director / Wangyang Liu
Writer / Wangyang Liu
Producer / Honghao Liu / Ruojing Chen
Key Cast / Yangshik Tso