The Moving Canvas – EXIDE [ 2024 / NOMINEE ]

Entry Name:Arjun Mukherjee

Appealing Point:

International Auto Film Festa / 国際自動車映画祭
[ 2024 / Nominated works ]


■Title / The Moving Canvas – EXIDE
■Director / Arjun Mukherjee


■Overview /
Most vehicles on Indian roads, run on Exide. In a way, bringing together one of the world biggest nations and its many territories, cultures and geographies by moving millions of vehicles on its roads, streets, lanes and by-lanes. To create this beautiful amalgamation, we handpicked over 50 indigenous folk arts styles native to this country’s diverse regions, as our canvas. And on that canvas, we brought alive the various journeys, big and small undertaken by these vehicles, every day, driven by Exide. Setting each of the hundreds of frame in motion to indigenous folk beats, and culminating in fascinating fusion of batteries.


A piece of art where culture unites with craft to celebrate the world’s biggest diversity, and show how a nation that moves forward, moves on Exide.


■Film Data
Director / Arjun Mukherjee
Writer / Arjun Mukherjee
Animator / Sourish Mitra
Art / Sourish Mitra
Editor / Sourish Mitra
Music Director / Subhajit Mukherjee