Owner’s Origins ØØ4 — Son Of Cobra [ 2024 / NOMINEE ]

Entry Name:Formawerx

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International Auto Film Festa / 国際自動車映画祭

[ 2024 / Nominated works ]


■Title / Owner’s Origins ØØ4 — Son Of Cobra

■Submitter / Formawerx


■Overview /

Discover the captivating world of renowned California surfboard and BMW 2002 restomod builder, Paul Lefevre, mysteriously known as The Son of Cobra. Join us as we dive deep into his inspirational journey, exploring the true passion that fuels his remarkable craft.


We are excited to unveil the intricate process behind the creation of the Formawerx x The Son of Cobra launch edition keypiece, designed exclusively for the iconic BMW 2002. Subscribe for meaningful stories and thoughts behind automotive enthusiasts around the world.


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