RUST -sabi- [ 2024 / NOMINEE ]

Entry Name:MADa

Appealing Point:

International Auto Film Festa / 国際自動車映画祭
[ 2024 / Nominated works ]


■Title / RUST -sabi-

■Submitter / MADa


■Overview /
Video team MADa interviewed Watanabe Stone Store, a long-established stone store founded in 1921. With a factory in Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, they handle everything from shrines and temples to gravestones and repairs.
The fourth generation, Taketo Watanabe, developed a wine bottle holder called the “stone wine holder” as a new product made from stone.
As you look around the factory, you will see old tools that have aged well, each carefully cared for and still in active use.


Also, his old car, a 1992 Volkswagen Golf 1 Cabriole, has been so well maintained that you’d think it was new, making it hard to believe it was produced before we were born.
The things around him are not new, but they have been loved and used for a long time, and I felt the aesthetics of valuing things. In addition, the video expresses his love for tools and cars and records the process of creating the product.


The title “rust” tends to have a negative image in Japan, but in China, it was initially used to mean “the clear color and sound of metal.”
Just as rusty metal can be polished to shine, genuine coolness is not superficial, and it is difficult to see how sophisticated something is.
Like this product, the wine bottle holder, he creates something entirely new from the old tools.


This way, old things and tastes are fused and passed down as new values.



■Film Data
Director/Editor / Daiki Utsunomiya(MADa)
DoP/Colorist / Taisei Nakai (MADa)
Photographer / Ayata Tsutsui
Product designer/Mason / Gakuto Watanabe
Location / Watanabe Stone Factory LLC.
Production / MADa


Youtube: @MADa_film