”LOVE_4_RAV” [28-year one-owner car, the story of Toyota RAV4 L]

Entry Name:TUNA

Appealing Point:

A city in northern Kanto, Japan.
A short movie about a family who has owned Toyota RAV4, an SUV manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation, for 28 years as one owner. The video is 1 minute and tens of seconds. The eldest son answers the interview in the video drawn with a documentary touch.
The footage of running on a casual highway is the road this RAV4 has been running for 28 years.
Amulets from Japanese shrines and mobile phone chargers are scattered inside the train. The appearance of the car body is also difficult to call Concours d’Elegance. However, this car is full of memories that the family has spun.

Automobiles on the street corners have an episode that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any classic car.

Automobile writer TUNA is publishing a self-published (ZIN) “Sekai Machikado Automobiles” series under the same name.
As her name suggests, she has previously covered more than 15 countries, including Asia, Europe, and America.
This time, she created a short movie about a car and a family as a video work.