L’auto del sognatore

Entry Name:株式会社Carkichi

Appealing Point:

We put two meanings into the title of this video, [L’auto del sognatore] (meaning “dream chaser’s car” in Italian).
(1) The attitude of a dream chaser who has created a dream garage house “INCELL” by continuing to pursue his ideals without compromise.
(2) I want young people to become dream chasers. I want people to have the dream of living the car life they longed for. Amidst the trend of young people moving away from cars, I want to make cars a dream again, just like they did during the bubble economy.
Based on these two elements, I put the desire to increase the number of dream chasers around the world who say, “I’ll work hard to drive the car of my dreams!”
Also, although it is not visible in the video, the number of staff members is 3 (one of them is half a day), and the number of shooting days is only one day. Another point is that the planning, shooting, and editing were done within one week.