Gears & Dunes [ 2024 / NOMINEE ]

Entry Name:Mário Bock

Appealing Point:

International Auto Film Festa / 国際自動車映画祭

[ 2024 / Nominated works ]


■Title / Gears & Dunes

■Director / Mário Bock


■Overview /
“Gears & Dunes” is a captivating and action packed documentary following a group of adventurers on an epic journey from Portugal to Dakar.
Set against the breathtaking landscapes of the Moroccan and Mauritanian deserts, the film documents the challenges and triumphs of the expedition team as they navigate through remote terrains and forge deep bonds amidst mechanical mishaps and encounters with local cultures.
Through stunning cinematography and intimate interviews, the documentary captures the essence of adventure and showcases the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
As the journey culminates in Senegal, “Gears & Dunes” leaves viewers inspired by the transformative power of exploration and the beauty of the open road.


■Film Data

Director / Mário Bock

Cinematographer / Mário Bock

Editor / Gerardo Burmester

Colorist / Mário Bock