We wanted screen partners.

To publicize “International Auto Film Festa 2024,” we invite the public to submit a screen (display) on which the films nominated at this film festival can be screened. There is no cost.


Regardless of the space size, such as various stores, facilities, restaurants, schools, etc., and the length and number of screens. You can participate if you have an environment to show films, such as a projector, TV, or display. The purpose is to increase the number of places (platforms) where videos can be distributed and support promoting video creators’ works.



Basic information

  1. To increase the opportunity for the program to be seen by a wide range of people, we will target locations where many people can view it.
  2. There is no cost.
  3. The sale or distribution of video files is prohibited. Paid screenings and posting on the internet are also banned. (If there is a violation, we will take the appropriate measures immediately.)
  4. The file format is “.mp4”. The aspect ratio is planned to be “16:9”.
  5. Communication with the executive committee and the conclusion of contracts related to the above must be smooth.
  6. Please permit us to post and disseminate information such as the venue name on the web and SNS to promote “International Auto Film Festa 2024”.
  7. The “Basic Requirements” may be added or revised for smooth operation. So that you know – any changes will be explained and posted here from time to time.



Dedicated application form

link : Google form



Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

International Auto Film Festa Committee