Porsche Animation | Full CG | Skillful camera work | 1st Festa, The films nominated.

The films nominated for the 1st International Auto Film Festa are introduced in order of application. This time, “Porsche Animation”—entry from Germany. Production is Mondlicht Studios.



A promotional video of the beautiful Porsche 911 (992 type) in the shooting studio. When I watched the video, I was interested in the lighting that is too perfect and the luster of the body. Yes, this is a complete Full CG video work. CG has already been actively used in car TV commercials and movies, but this work is so accurate that it can be considered a live-action film.


The beauty of this video cannot be explained only by the high quality of the CG. In the first place, even if the accuracy of CG is increased, there will be a limit at a certain level. The environment on the viewing side is also the best 4K will be realistic. However, even if the accuracy of CG is raised to the limit, it does not directly lead to the appeal of the image.
We are now in an era where only high-resolution CG is unnecessary. In other words, the eyes of the viewers have become discerning.



So what is the appeal of this work? It’s in the camera work.
Shots that make the car look beautiful and shots that you can watch. This work made me realize that camera work is the key to CG work.


This team probably includes someone who has taken live-action footage of cars or has researched numerous car videos. In any case, when I saw this video from the cameraman’s point of view, I was jealous of the good sense of camera work.



What is essential in CG work is that the main character’s car and the stage where the car is placed are created from scratch. The spatial design of this “shooting studio” is also interesting. A rugged photography studio like a warehouse and line-shaped lighting as a production. All of which makes Porsche’s beautiful body attractive. It is also good not to overdo the reflection of the surroundings.



The evaluation of this video work is not forcing CG technology but enhancing the work’s quality with the video’s beauty. It’s not a gorgeous world where you’re forced to say, “I can do this far,” but a wabi worldview where you pick the flowers in the garden to complement the flowers in the alcove.
“I just want to make this Porsche look beautiful.” This awareness raises the quality of the video work. (Written by SHIMIZU)


This work was submitted via the official website.
The second Festa call for applications will start on January 1, 2024. You can apply via the official website, FilmFreeway, and festhome.