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Rules & Terms

・When applying, it is necessary to agree to the rules of this film festival.


  • ・"Automobiles" must be the theme of the video work.

  • ・The video work must be completed or released after January 1, 2023.

  • ・"within 15 minutes."

  • ・Regarding copyrighted works such as music, images, and videos used in the submitted work, the applicant must own the copyrighted work or obtain prior permission from the right holder.

  • ・The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the entrant, but the executive committee reserves the right to publish and use the proposed work on the web through the film festival account free of charge. In addition, this executive committee may arbitrarily process, edit, modify, etc., for publication in productions to advertise the video and the film festival.

  • ・The selected works of this film festival will be announced online.

  • ・Applicants are responsible for all expenses required to apply for the video.

  • ・The committee will not be held responsible for any accidents or other troubles during the production of the submitted work (including legal claims such as damages from those with intellectual property rights related to the submitted work).

  • ・To submit your work, please upload your work to a video-sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo and enter the relevant URL in the entry form.
    *As long as the work can be viewed at the time of judging, there is no problem using any video-sharing service.
    *Set your video to "Public" or "Unlisted" when uploading.
    *Please fill in the application form if you want to set a password for the video (ex, Vimeo).
    *Those who cannot be viewed during review due to viewing settings will not be subject to review.
    *Nominated videos will be published on the web under the festival account. We'll make sure to contact applicants as needed.

  • ・It is also possible to apply from "festhome" and "FilmFreeway," but the information to be submitted may differ depending on the specifications of each service.
    *No matter how you apply, it will not affect the content of the examination.

  • ・If the committee determines a violation or an act that seems to be illegal regarding the following items, it will not be subject to review. In addition, even after winning a prize, if the committee determines that there is a violation or fraud related to the following matters. The applicant shall bear all responsibility if the committee determines that a problem has occurred due to other reasons. In that case, the committee may invalidate the award given to the applicant.
    1.Infringement of portrait rights (including rights related to people, buildings, works of art, trademarks, etc.) and privacy rights.
    2.Content violates public order and morals, such as abusive language and obscene expressions.
    3.Content that slanders individuals, companies, organizations, etc.
    4.Content intended to advertise or solicit political purposes, religious solicitation, etc.
    5.Any other matters related to each item.

  • ・The personal information of applicants and recommenders shall be managed by the committee and used only for the project concerned.