Introduction of the award-winning films.

Representatives of our media partners joined this year’s selection, and four films that won the “International Auto Film Festa Award,” “CAR GRAPHIC Award,” “Auto Bild Japan Award,” and “ Award” were announced. The target works are as follows. Congratulations.

International Auto Film Festa Award
”LOVE_4_RAV” [28-year one-owner car, the story of Toyota RAV4 L]
TUNA (Japan)

The sense of distance between the driver and the photographer conveyed in the video was very good. The sophisticated images had a certain sense of security, and it was by far the most impressive work. The car is a family member, and you can feel its natural presence—a work where you can feel the love for cars.
(International Auto Film Festa Committee)

Susana Alba (Spain)

A middle-aged man who lives in a Citroen ZX. What is the reason for living in a car? What will happen after this? What about his family? Although he is a negative image and story, I feel the image power that captures people’s hearts until the end.
(Mr. Tetsuya Kato / CAR GRAPHIC)

G/MOTION’ x Motocrane PromotionVideo
G/MOTION’ Co., Ltd. TEAM G/MOTION’ (Japan)

We usually see many videos of cars on TV commercials, PVs, YouTube, etc., but I think very few works show the production behind the scenes, “What kind of shooting is being done?” I evaluated this film from the perspective of showing the other side.
(Mr. Shin-ichiro Ehara / Auto Bild Japan) Award
Mein Volkswagen T1 Samba Bus Baujahr 1966
PS PERLEN – Oldtimer forever Young (Germany)

The first thing that caught my eye was the story of this old VW bus. Some works took up old cars, but the story of this VW bus was a very warm work that not only introduced the bus but also felt the owner’s lifestyle.